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Jason Burns Space works declutteringMary, Totnes

Jason is amazing!

I had a house chock full of STUFF, acquired over decades. I felt ashamed, overwhelmed and paralysed.

Jason arrived, bringing his wonderful cheerful positive energy with him, and best of all, showed not a hint of judgement as he surveyed my chaos. Then as we worked together, he helped me deal with any feelings I had.

We have now totally transformed my downstairs rooms, including one I couldn’t even get into, which is now a beautiful guest room. I might even have Airbnb guests!

Emily, Ivybridge

My experience of Space Works and Jason, was a powerful reminder to me that life is a choice of holding on or letting go … when treasured items are given space, they become more noticeable, they shine.

When the many discarded items were removed from my home and associated emotional baggage surrendered, the simplicity of life was revealed: the past is where it belongs and I can enjoy the moment, flowing towards to fresh future …

With Jason, he gets the job done efficiently and yet the experience is gentle and his sensitivity ensure the memories and meaning associated with items and artefacts are duly acknowledged.

He was instinctively aware of when to speed up and when space to reflect was needed … a gentle experience, yet profoundly powerful and healing.


This was so much more than clearing and improving.

You helped with the sorting and ordering, which reduced my overwhelm (and it was surprisingly quick).

You took away the excess, maximising what could be shared with charity. You were focused on minimising landfill waste.

You came up with all sort of creative solutions to fit what was left into the space ergonomically and with an eye on movement through the space.

You recommended, sourced, supplied and fitted all the storage solutions (working really hard to get to the end product quickly, but without rushing it.).

All the best and thanks again.

Angelina, Totnes

Jay was absolutely brilliant – a quick worker and very thorough.

He was very sensitive to my needs and followed through efficiently with everything I requested.

It was such a relief to finally declutter my spare room and create a craft room exactly how I wanted it to be.

He even took items I no longer needed to the charity shop. It was worth every penny and I would definitely recommend him.

Oriel, Aish

Thanks to Jason and his superb ‘space clearing’ style, a pinnacle moment was reached last week: a room in my mum’s house that had been unused and unusable for at least 15 years, came back to life after five weeks of intense three hour per week sessions…..

He worked with mother (aged 83), very patiently, while I worked in another part of the room. It has taken five weeks, at least 20 bags to charity shops, 40 to recycling and maybe 5 massive size black rubbish bags…..

Jason and his decluttering, instead of being the awful thing she imagined it to be, has in fact become the highlight of her week – a chance to share the burdens of life and most importantly, a chance to share and relive the memories as each one is unearthed; difficult and emotional at times but made so much easier for us both by Jason’s approach. Even with the memories, we’ve kept the momentum up and room one target has been achieved.

When we arrived last week for the last session, mother’s mood was lighter than it has been for ages, she had cleared the kitchen table (without intervention from either of us) and Nina Simone was singing her heart out on the CD player – it wasn’t just the extra stuff that had shifted, something had shifted for mother and she felt lighter.

This has got to be thanks to Jason’s style: when I had tried to clear rooms I had to banish mother to another part of the house, even threatening to make her go and stay somewhere else, as I couldn’t bear having to go through it with her. I’ve been astonished and so impressed by Jason’s approach, which allows her to detach from each thing as it heads for the charity shop or recycling.

She’s now left with a beautiful room that she can actually walk into and sit down to browse a book or magazine, just look over her lovely things that are now displayed, or even have a visitor come to stay!

I can’t rate Jason highly enough for anyone who has a cluttering problem, or ‘overcrowding’, as mother would put it.