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How does it work?

  • I have experience of working with people who have a tendency towards hoarding. Hoarding disorder is a recently recognised mental health condition.
  • I work to ensure people’s homes are safe, and no longer at risk from fire, due to hoarding.
  • I work with clients who experience severe mental health issues, and whose emotional difficulties result in them neglecting their home. This is powerful, cathartic work, and requires an equal focus on the internal world of the client, and their external environment.
  • I work with families where there are concerns around neglect. If a family home is in significant disorder, this can affect whether parents are able to ensure their children receive an appropriate level of care. This can result in professionals working with a family becoming concerned about the physical and emotional wellbeing of children.
  • If I am working with vulnerable clients on behalf of a public organisation or charity, there is an understanding that I will share information about what I am doing with the commissioning officer, and any other relevant, and agreed parties.

How it starts

  • Work with public sector clients, begins with a conversation, with the commissioning officer. There may be a discussion about whether to include counselling into the overall clearing project. Some counselling sessions, within the context of the home environment, yet away from the home, may be appropriate …
  • Whatever work is considered by the commissioning officer, a visit to the client’s home, with no obligation, for an hour or so, is the starting point …
  • I meet the client, so they can let me know their understanding of what they need, and so they decide if they are happy working with me …
  • As part of the consultation, I talk to the client about my code of ethics, and we sign the SPACE WORKS Terms & Conditions, so we are all clear about the way forward …
  • Once the project has been agreed, the client and I will agree times that we will meet, according to their needs, and capacity …

What happens

  • If the clearing project begins with counselling, after the initial consultation, I will meet clients away from their home, either at my room in Newton Abbot, or another appropriate space …
  • The clearing project starts with a plan, one that is flexible, according to the needs of the clients, and the commissioning officer. Regular checking of progress, is helpful, in order to get a sense of the journey, and how it is progressing …
  • I am committed to getting stuff back in the system. To that end, during the clearing project, I will take away any items clients wish to donate to charity (they can choose the charity to whom they wish to donate). I also advise around how to maximise recycling, and I encourage clients to repair stuff …
  • Space making is about clearing clutter, and also about organising what is kept, and that can require storage ideas, which the client and I can work on together …
  • If the storage ideas require trade specialist involvement, I can offer the services of my Associate Paddy Hill, an experienced carpenter … he loves building shelves and cupboards!
  • If the storage ideas require sourcing additional solutions, such as boxes, baskets, hangers etc., I will suggest options for this, and may offer to purchase these, on behalf of the client…
  • I love interior design, so rooms can be painted to achieve a complete transformation!
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Jason has been doing really valuable work with one of my clients.

More and more I am convinced that the kinds of support families find most helpful takes a holistic view, is often very practical, and should be customised to their particular circumstances.

Jason uses a gentle person-centred counselling approach, also drawing on years of social work experience, to help people who are often overwhelmed.

By helping them create space in their physical realm, he also opens up the possibility for them to experience more space and choices within their difficulties and dilemmas.

Jane Turner Post Adoption Support Social Worker - Adopt South West

Areas I cover

I am based in Totnes in Devon and cover the whole of the South West.

Travel up to 20 miles Totnes is included in my hourly rate. After 20 miles, I charge 45p per mile.


When working with the Public Sector, there is an understanding that I am working with vulnerable clients, with deep-rooted problems, that manifest as hoarding and/or severe mental health difficulties.

Work such as this requires the integration of my skills and experience in Social Work, Counselling, Decluttering and Organising.

Sessions tend to last three hours (morning or afternoon).

My hourly rate for work with Public Sector clients is £40

Additionally, up to half an hour travel time is included, and after that, I charge half my hourly rate for travel.