At Work

How it starts

  • It starts with a FREE consultation, with no obligation … I come to your business for an hour or so …
  • We meet, so you can decide if you are happy with me coming your office, or warehouse, and so you can let me know what you need …
  • As part of the consultation, I talk to you about my code of ethics, and we sign the SPACE WORKS Terms & Conditions, so we are both clear about the way forward …
  • Once your space making project has been agreed, we will agree times that I will come to your business , according to your needs, and your capacity.

What’s involved

  • Space making sessions tend to last three hours (morning or afternoon) and the whole project can be as short as one session, to clear an office space (check my films below to see what can happen in just one session!), or as long as it needs to get you back on track with a clear office, storage space, and efficient business …
  • Space making is about clearing clutter, and also about organising what you keep, by maximising the utility of existing spaces, and that can require storage ideas, which we can work on together …
  • If the storage ideas require trade specialist involvement, I can offer the services of my Associate Paddy Hill, an experienced carpenter … he loves building shelves and cupboards!
  • If the storage ideas require sourcing additional solutions, such as boxes, baskets, hangers etc., I will suggest options for this, and may offer to purchase these, on your behalf …
  • I love interior design, and Paddy is also happy to come and paint rooms, so you can achieve a complete transformation!
  • I am committed to getting stuff back in the system. To that end I take any items you wish to donate to charity (you can choose the charity to whom you wish to donate). I also advise around how to maximise recycling, and I encourage you to repair stuff – giving new energy to you, and your business!


Call me for a chat


An example: Katie’s office

organising and decluttering
See katie’s office before … and after (click-and-drag the dividing slider)

See a video of this process below

Areas I cover

I am based in Totnes in Devon and cover the whole of the South West.

Travel up to 20 miles Totnes is included in my hourly rate. After 20 miles, I charge 45p per mile.

If day return is uneconomical, a separate budget for travel and accommodation expenses, will be discussed and agreed.


When it comes to projects, there are none too big or too small, and I thrive on the different nature of the projects I work on.

After the free consultation, should you decide to embark on a space making project with me, there is a simple hourly rate that is discounted with the amount of hours purchased.

Space making sessions tend to last three hours (morning or afternoon), and I regard a short-term project to be no longer than two sessions. My hourly rate for up to six hours, is £40.

I consider longer-term projects, to be more than two sessions. My hourly rate after six hours, reduces to £35

How your office can be revitalised in just one session!

Here’s a film of a glorious achievement with the wonderfully talented and delightful Katie Whitehouse.

She wanted to get her office cleared and organised and we managed it in a 3 hour morning session – it’s now ready for focused action!

“When Jason stepped into my office last week I felt more than a little daunted. My workload and long hours had allowed piles of papers to reach record levels and I wasn’t sure I could face the task ahead.

Jason remained calm, and helped me set my goals. We both took a deep breath, got to work and in just three hours my work space was transformed into a space that feels clear and beautiful, and is a real pleasure to be in.

The process was gentle and enjoyable, and the results profound, actually reaching deeper than my desk and leaving me with more of a sense of clarity about myself too.

I would not have tackled this task on my own, and without Jason’s encouragement I would have just stopped after 10 minutes, made some tea, put my blinkers back on and gone back to work.

Thank you Space Works!”

Katie, Totnes

Another three hour session …

“Since Jason of Space Works did a swift makeover I can now confess: my office was a mess.

In three hours Jay swept in, assessed the moves and introduced me to some categorizing methods that made decision making SO much easier.

Cleaning up is making decisions. The first decision is to love your space so it can care for you. If, like me you are not a master at self-care having someone else to help makes it possible to go places and make choices that I would otherwise avoid.

In three hours we swept a whirlwind through years of accumulated, choosing to move, throw, give, rationalise items and spaces till the office is once again a model of a creative hub.

Thinking space has returned, thanks to Jason.”

Tobias, Buckfastleigh