At Home

How it starts

  • It starts with a FREE consultation, with no obligation … I come to your home for an hour or so …
  • We meet, so you can decide if you are happy with me coming into the privacy of your home, and so you can let me know what you need to make space and organise your home …
  • As part of the consultation, I talk to you about my code of ethics, and we sign the SPACE WORKS Terms & Conditions, so we are both clear about the way forward …
  • Once your decluttering and organising project has been agreed, we will discuss times that I will come to your home, according to your needs, and your capacity.

What’s involved

  • Decluttering sessions tend to last three hours (morning or afternoon)
  • The project can be as short as one session, or as long as it needs, for one room, a whole house, a garage, a garden shed.
  • Decluttering is always helpful, and yet it can be particularly so, at specific times in one’s life, as detailed below … the possibilities of transforming your life, are endless!
  • Space making is about clearing clutter, and also about organising what you keep, and that can require storage ideas, which we can work on together.
  • Paddy Hill Space Works AssociateIf the storage ideas require trade specialist involvement, I can offer the services of my Associate, Paddy Hill, an experienced carpenter … he loves building shelves and cupboards.
  • If the storage ideas require sourcing additional solutions, such as boxes, baskets, hangers etc., I can suggest options for this and may offer to purchase these, on your behalf.
  • I love interior design, and Paddy is also happy to come and paint rooms, so you can achieve a complete transformation!
  • I am committed to getting stuff back in the system. To that end I take away any items you wish to donate to charity (you can choose the charity to whom you wish to donate). I also advise around how to maximise recycling, and I encourage you to repair stuff – giving new energy to you, your home, and possessions.
Call me for a chat   Interview with Janet Kipling at BBC Radio Devon

Click here to listen to Jason talking about clearing space

An interview with Janet Kipling at BBC Radio Devon as part of Spring Clearing Week 2018.  

Moments of Transition

when Space Making is unbelievably helpful

Birth of a child
what can you let go of, as you consider taking responsibility for a new life? How would you like to have your home for your new family, and your exciting new adventure?!
A child’s first bedroom
as your child grows into their own space, what would that space look like, and how does the rest of the home work?
A teenager’s room
as your child moves towards adulthood, how can you support that transition? Time with SPACE WORKS could include ritual, as they let go of some of the child in them, and embrace the new opportunities that will become available.
Empty nest
as your child, now an adult, moves out into the world, what will your home become? What responsibilities will you let go of? And what identity will you shed? A powerful moment in a parent’s life requires attention, and compassionate support.
Moving in together
two people meet, and the fusing of two souls, is an exciting time. When a relationship becomes a commitment, by living together, either as partners, or as a married couple, what will your home together be like?
Home Staging
if you decide to sell your property, how will you show the best of it, so that the process is stress-free? Maybe combine clearing clutter, with interior design ideas to make it attractive to prospective buyers?
Moving home
so the property is sold, and you need help to move. SPACE WORKS can help you to clear unwanted and unnecessary possessions, so you take the best of you to your new home, and minimise moving costs. We can also support you with the move into your new home, including removal arrangements, packing and unpacking services.
a sad circumstance that can happen. SPACE WORKS compassionately and sensitively supports people to let go of the past, and move forward in their life. Making space, potentially for a new relationship, can include letting go of what represents a previous relationship, with ritual, to honour the past, and be ready for the future.
as one reaches older age, the need for possessions, and physical space naturally reduces. Moving to a smaller property, or moving in with family members can be a stressful time. SPACE WORKS is here to hold that process with gentle support. We also support death clearing, clearing out unnecessary possessions as one approaches the end of life – morbid maybe, pragmatic and helpful, definitely.
Death and bereavement
the death of a loved one is traumatic, and the grief and can lead to a stuckness that is understandable. Rooms can be left unopened, and possessions can be left untouched, as they represent so much pain of loss. SPACE WORKS is experienced in managing this, and can compassionately support the grief process … after all, the one who has died, would surely want whoever is left behind, to live?
Seasonal clearings
such as Spring, Christmas and New Year. Solstice, darkening, hibernation, times of celebration, the end of the year, and the awakening … all moments, that one may wish to mark with space making. SPACE WORKS is keen to support all energies, be they quiet, or shifting.
incorporated into all the processes that SPACE WORKS recognise as significant, is the opportunity for personal ritual, and other ways of saying goodbye to possessions, and what of the past they represent. We can discuss this throughout the space making process, and set aside time for ways of marking a transition.

Diana talks about her experience of decluttering after the death of her husband

Introducing my new associate Paddy Hill

Space Works Devon Introducing New Associate Paddy Hill Introducing new Associate Paddy Hill, for skilled craftmanship storage solutions, as part of the Space Works package. So, after making space, we’ve created a lovely bespoke alcove cupboard for a recent client, with integrated baskets for a clean, neat finish. Posted by Space Works on Thursday, 27 September 2018

Areas I cover

I am based in Totnes in Devon and cover the whole of the South West. Travel up to 20 miles from Totnes is included in my hourly rate. After 20 miles, I charge 45p per mile. If day return is uneconomical, a separate budget for travel and accommodation expenses, will be discussed and agreed.


When it comes to projects, there are none too big or too small, and I thrive on the different nature of the projects I work on. After the free consultation, should you decide to embark on a decluttering project with me, there is a simple hourly rate that is discounted with the amount of hours purchased. Sessions tend to last three hours (morning or afternoon), and I regard a short-term project to be no longer than two sessions. My hourly rate for up to six hours, is £35. I consider longer-term projects, to be more than two sessions. My hourly rate after six hours, reduces to £30

Examples of work

Some Storage Ideas

Utility Room Space Maximising!

Space Making & Maximising! Space making, with storage solutions, maximising the use of space… Posted by Space Works on Monday, 9 April 2018

Clearing a Shed

Space-Making in a Garden Shed with Fran and Tom From “We had stuff piling up, we couldn’t get through” to “Feels like a relief to have an open space”. Assessing, understanding, coaching, informing, categorising, motivating and applauding, with a wonderfully tangible outcome after 5 hours work together – Space-Making energy! I support people to make space in sheds, garages, workshops, office spaces, individual rooms, and whole houses! Posted by Space Works on Wednesday, 23 May 2018