About me

Why work with me?

  • Qualified Integrative Counsellor
  • Registered Social Worker with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Member of Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (APDO) and abide by the APDO Code of Ethics
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance Westminster Insurance.
  • Trained in home improvement
  • Extensive interior space design experience
  • Professionalism, integrity and humour is central to all my work
  • I bring sensitive clarity and gentle challenge to the process of making space in people’s lives
  • I work with a team of trade and home improvement specialists (when required)


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I am Jason Burns – the founder of SPACE WORKS

I started Space Works because I believe that everyone should have the physical and mental space to thrive … at home and at work.

Jason Burns Space Works organising my homeI consider it a privilege to be able to fundamentally improve people’s quality of life and, because of this, I want to take as many people on this journey as possible.

As a qualified Counsellor and a Social Worker, I work with you to achieve a transformation to both your physical and mental space.

I encourage the willingness to embrace positive change, and enable individuals to maximise physical spaces, so that their external environment contributes to their internal wellbeing.

Coupled with over 20 years of personal experience in creating beautiful spaces for events and homes, my work enables clients to be happier, more productive and to enjoy using their homes and workplaces in ways they could not have imagined.

By working with clients to form a healthier relationship with their past and their possessions, I create spaces that support their lifestyle, ambitions and circumstances.

I work with a highly skilled home improvement specialist to create bespoke storage solutions for home and businesses of all sizes.

Part of what I do is decluttering, however, my experience, qualities and skills as a Counsellor allow me to completely relate to clients’ situations. This means I am always empathetic to the challenges clients face, and that we work alongside each other, and together, to achieve transformations.

Skills and Experience

I worked for 10 years in community arts and studied MA Arts Management at Dartington College of Arts. I founded a local organisation called Bubble Optic Productions Ltd. and curated a range of multimedia theatre/music events in Totnes in the late 1990s.

I worked in social care for the past 15 years. Before becoming a Social Worker, I worked with disaffected young people not in education or employment, those misusing alcohol and substances, and young offenders. I have also worked with adults who have struggled with acute mental health issues, homelessness and disability.

As a Social Worker, I worked in Child Protection and Fostering, and whilst at Devon County Council, I lead the development of a radical policy to support children in care maintaining contact with their foster family, after adoption, in the context of new ways of understanding attachment.

Having left Local Authority work, I have qualified as an Integrative Humanistic Counsellor, and work with the modalities of Gestalt, Person-Centred and CBT, and also incorporate Sand Tray work.


Jason Burns Space Works interior designI love creating beautiful fresh, vibrant spaces, and my focus, when involved in event management was how customers, coming to theatre, film or music events would feel transformed by the experience.

I have lots of positive energy and am highly motivated. When I am with clients, I am 100% focused on their needs for the duration of a session.

I encourage change, and am bright, fun and cheerful in my approach … when working with me I guarantee moments of enjoyment … even joy!

Whilst I will ask questions and sometimes challenge clients, there is no judgement in my enquiry. It’s more about offering an opportunity for reflection.

I am calm, efficient, and quick in my work. I am also sensitive to clients’ needs, for example, some of my previous clients have severe health needs, to whom I adapt my approach and pace.

Previous clients have referred to how I have supported them in letting go of possessions. They have noticed how my sensitivity ensures that memories and the meaning associated with items and artefacts are duly acknowledged.

Together, we rediscover possessions, and the client gets to re-experience the memories and meanings, and we explore the emotional attachment.

This process helps the client make clear, informed decisions, about whether to keep, or to let go of an item.


Listen to Jason talking about clearing space

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